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We’ll ensure your freshly imported vehicle is safe to drive on New Zealand roads

Here at Tauranga Vehicle Certifiers we have the experience and expertise to be able to offer an excellent car inspection  service in assisting you in getting your pride and joy on the road in Tauranga. By ensuring your vehicle is safe and roadworthy, we are also helping ensure the safety of you and your family whilst driving.

VIN and vehicles imported into New Zealand

Any used vehicle that is entering NZ for the first time (or has been off the road in NZ for more than 2 years) is required by law to be inspected. The test for this inspection is set by the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) and carried out by qualified inspectors. Once the vehicle has been inspected, the vehicle will be issued with a unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Irrespective of the model and age of the car, unless the vehicle is brand new directly from the manufacturer, it will need to be inspected.

Donald will be more than happy to give you an overview as to what is required when you import a vehicle, but for more specific information about bringing your vehicle into New Zealand, please refer to NZTA website as per the link below.
NZTA website

The process

When the vehicle is delivered to us, we remove a significant number of the vehicle components so the NZTA inspector can perform a thorough safety car inspection, including items such as brake pads, safety belt mounting points, signs of rust and accident damage, approved safety standards of lights, tyres, brakes and more. 

If the vehicle needs any remedial work done, you have up to 28 working days to get it completed and have the fault re-inspected. Naturally we can assist you with any work such as minor jobs or point you to the specialist for more significant work that needs to be done. 

When everything has been signed off and the vehicle is certified as being safe to drive on NZ roads, the vehicle is issued with a brand new Warrant of Fitness and you will be supplied with the MR2A form. This form needs to be completed (within 24 months of issue) by the person who is going to legally own the vehicle in NZ. You will then need to take this form to a NZTA Licencing Centre and pay the appropriate licencing fee to get your new NZ license plates issued. Once all these are done, then you are good to go anywhere in NZ including Tauranga of course!

The cost

Due to the significant variations in makes, models, size, type and age of vehicles that we work with, unfortunately there is no “1 size fits all fee in place”. However to give you an idea, a typical compliance costs between $400 to $600 (inc GST). This does not include the NZTA licence fees and any remedial work (if required).

Please contact Donald in Tauranga for a more accurate price on car inspection depending on the vehicle.

Safety / Seat belts

Have you just failed a WOF inspection due to damage to a safety belt? Let us source a replacement belt for you, front or rear - static or retractable. All of the belts meet current safety standards and we install them for you onsite, while you wait.

Safety belts save lives, so they have to be in perfect condition to work effectively.

Typically our prices are significantly below the original manufacturer’s price, so contact a certified installer in Donald today and compare our prices.

We can also install safety belts in almost any vehicle that doesn’t have any. This includes getting the modifications certified as safe. As you will appreciate, the price will depend entirely on the vehicle type, number of belts etc, so contact Donald, our certified installer today to discuss your exact requirements.
Inside a car inspection workshop
Mechanic performs car inspection in Tauranga

Child seat anchor points

For any child seat / capsule that has a tether strap, you need to have the approved anchor point to make it effective. While most new cars have factory installed points, many of the cars on the road do not. With over 15 years' experience, Donald (who is a certified installer) can install an anchor point in most vehicles, that is safe and effective, and for a minimal cost, typically only $30!
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